The Sonoma/Napa fires have become old news on TV very quickly, however for those impacted directly and people in the general area, the event is still very fresh.
To anyone who suffered a loss, we extend our sympathy and support. To all residents who were on alert during the critical period, we hope that you are returning to some sort of normalcy.
For those of us who do not have to face up to rebuilding or relocating, there is a temptation to say we dodged a bullet and to close the door on the events of the past few weeks.
In reality, this is the time to think about ways of improving your security and general peace of mind. While your feelings are still fresh in your mind, it might be a good time to list out some of items that concerned you in the past weeks. Where are my important papers? Do I know what files might be of the most use in the future? What insurance coverage do I have? Do I have all the medical information I need?
Clearly some of these items are small compared to your safety, however some planning, organization and risk management can make picking up the pieces easier if it should ever come to that. To be honest, this sort of assessment makes sense even without fears of disruptions and probably should be done every five years or so.

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