What is the Family Office
and do I need one?

For people with more complex situations, a family office approach my be appropriate. This will allow your assets to be managed as a business. Andrea will work with you, your CPA, attorney, investment advisor and others as needed, to create, execute, monitor and update a financial plan to attain your goals now and in the longer-term. This relationship is the basis of your Family Office that will provide you with:


The family’s stated goals of financial security, wealth preservation, and family legacy drive the work of the family office. The family is able to directly oversee decisions about family financial matters.


Many families rely on the family office to foster a sense of community and family unity over time. The family office serves as a partner with the family in the work of sustaining the family assets.


Clients of the family office have access to a dedicated team of trained professionals whose sole purpose is coordination of the family’s key assets. There is no conflict of interest in this business model; the interests of the family are aligned with the interests of the advisors because the advisors work directly for the owners.


The services menu, educational offerings, and customized financial reporting are developed with the clients and for the clients.
• Confidentiality of Information: This dedicated business entity provides the best protection for the family’s privacy and security of financial information.
• Integration of Financial Strategies: The job of the family office is to consider the impact of each financial decision - from book keeping to philanthropy - on the strategic objectives of the client and family at large.
• Education of Owners: A primary role of the family office is to provide family members with the information they need to make informed and effective financial and philanthropic decisions.

Personalized financial strategies begin with 360 degree vision.