Andrea Wolcott is a
California Licensed
Professional Fiduciary

What is a professional fiduciary?

A Professional Fiduciary manages a client's personal affairs, including daily care, housing and medical needs, and finances, ranging from paying bills to handling investments and trusts.

In California, as of January 1, 2009, anyone who handles these duties for non-family members must be licensed, with a few exceptions.

Who needs a Professional Fiduciary?

Someone who wants to hire a Professional Fiduciary to administer a trust, or someone with a mental and/or physical impairment who needs care and who:

    Doesn't want to burden family and friends.
    Doesn't have family or friends who can assist.
    Wants to avoid conflict among family members.

Why is licensing of Professional Fiduciaries important?

Professional Fiduciaries work with clients who may be vulnerable to abuse or financial exploitation due to their mental or physical impairments.

Licensing and oversight by the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau provides a layer of protection for these clients and their families. Licensing ensures that Professional Fiduciaries have met education and experience requirements and have passed a competency exam and a criminal background check.

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