Trust Administration Services

Trust Administration Services may include:

  • Marshaling all assets into the trust’s name
  • Conduct Inventory of all Trust assets
    and prepare trust accountings
  • Managing all of the trust’s investment assets
    and in accordance with the trust
    terms and the Prudent Investor Rule
  • Manage real estate, rental properties and
    businesses and partnerships held in the trust
  • Prepare trust accountings and assure
    all of the State and Federal Income
    Tax returns are filed appropriately
  • Manage and maintain insurance
    coverage and state benefits
  • There are other services which
    can be discuss further

Wolcott Financial Solutions, Inc. offers Trust Administration to those persons who would like their Successor Trustee to take on the responsibility for their trust’s management, without burdening their family and friends with the responsibility. These services are provided for various types of trusts, for further details, please contact Wolcott Financial Solutions, Inc.

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